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Why hire a Realtor when you can use a lawyer

Blog by Jean Richer - Bilingual Salesperson | February 13th, 2017

A few weeks ago I was in a large room and I overheard someone talking and he said "Why did you hire a Realtor? All the Realtor does is put it up and MLS and that's it, you can just use a lawyer instead."

I was close enough to hear their conversation but I did not want to join the conversation. I was very surprised to hear his words as this person is also involved in the Real Estate industry. The fact that he did not see any value in what we do as Realtors was very shocking! 

As a Realtor, there is a lot more to selling a home that just "putting it on MLS". There might be agents out there that only do that but all the Realtors I know will do a lot more than just "posting it on MLS". Selling a home takes time and effort, it's not as simple as just putting up a sign. If it was that simple everybody would sell Real Estate. 

The part that was most shocking was that he thought a lawyer could do the same as what we do. I have never heard of a lawyer answer calls from clients at 8:00pm from one of their clients selling a home.