The marketing of your home is certainly one of the most important aspects of the selling process. It’s great to have a for sale sign on your lawn, your house on the MLS, a few print ads but that’s not what it’s all about. This was good a few years ago, but today, as you all know, the buyers want more. They want to see your home from the comfort of their own homes. Statistics shows that more than 80% of buyers do their research online even before contacting an agent. That’s an impressive number!

Your house MUST be posted online in order for it to be found by potential buyers. With all the available tools we have as real estate agents, it’s very important for you to choose an agent who will ensure that your home will be visible to all those buyers that are looking online for your home. Web 2.0 (user interaction), social media, multiple websites should definitely be part of any online marketing program.

This is the main reason that our Outstanding Online Marketing Plan has been designed in order to get you maximum exposure within 24-48 hours of listing your home. The new and informed buyers want more than a for sale sign or a single picture in a print add. They want videos, virtual tours, multiple pictures, floor plans (when available), full descriptions, voice over and much more. And all of this has to be made available on all media platforms as possible.

Call today at 613.614.3025 and we will show you how you need our, Outstanding Online Marketing Plan in order to sell your home.