Dollarphotoclub_86875134.jpg BUYING A HOME? – What are the steps that you should consider

 We as your Ottawa real estate agent will represent you in many areas of the buying process when    you are buying your home. We will show you as many houses as you like until your head spins. It is  not uncommon for us to show a potential buyer 15 to 20 homes a day if needed. And if you don’t  find one that day, we’ll do it over the next day! … and the next… until you find your dream home.  We provide service and that is exactly what we do.


 First of all, the sellers pay our commissions, not the buyers. Think you can save money by house hunting on your own, and asking the seller for a discount since you’re not represented by a Realtor? Guess what? You may still not get a discount. What are your negotiating factors? If the seller refuse to lower the price, what do you do? Are you sure the window treatments, fans, water softener, etc. will be staying? Is it in your contract? What if the appliances break within a year? Or the roof, A/C need replacement sooner than you thought? How are you covered? Who’s looking out for your best interest? How do you know you really saved money by doing it on your own? We’d rather take care of that for you.

OUR Services:

We will show you as many houses as you like until your head spins. We will run comparable(s) to show you what similar houses have sold for in the past few months. We are savvy negotiators and we will use that to our advantage to negotiate the best price for you. We have several different strategies. We’ll tell you if the house is over-priced, under-priced or price just right. We negotiate any additional terms for you. We will be able to tell you the most common things to look for in a house, both inside and out. We will save you money, and we will tell you exactly how, where, and why. Negotiation is the key and the leverage comes from having the tools and knowledge to do so. Best of all… It’s FREE.

THE HOME BUYING PROCESS:Home buying process 1.jpg

We take the buying process as seriously as our buyers do, therefore we offer nothing but the highest quality of service to all my clients. When you decide to purchase your home, make sure you hire someone who you can trust and someone who wants to earn your business. Buying your home is one of the most important purchases you will make, so make sure you have the right agent who can provide you the experience and the service you deserve.

When you understand current market conditions, you are better able to position yourself as a Seller. It helps to know if you are in a Seller’s, Buyer’s or Balanced market when setting your asking price. In a Buyer’s market, there is a lot more competition and Buyers have plenty of choices and room to negotiate, forcing you to be very competitive when setting your price.

Here are some of the steps we will take to find your perfect home:

Determine Your Wants and Needs:

This is the single most important step. By asking you a series of questions we will establish what you are looking for. Our goal is to not waste your time by looking at properties that are not in your price range or homes that don’t meet your needs. Throughout the buying process, we will maintain your confidentiality and represent your best interests.

Help You Get Pre-Qualified:

This step will show you how much you can afford. This is accomplished by speaking with your financial institution and establishing what monthly payments you will be comfortable with.

Home Shopping

We will use every available method to locate a property that matches your search parameters. This will include properties listed with my office, offered through other real estate companies, as well as unlisted properties. We will disclose all known facts about the property that is likely to affect your decision. When we find the home that meets your criteria, we will assist you in writing an offer and act as a liaison between you and the seller.

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