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Country Living Is It For You? OTTAWA Surrounding area

Blog by Jean Richer - Bilingual Salesperson | November 13th, 2017

Is country Living for you?  In order to achieve that “quiet life,” one has to be prepared for some unique, little curveballs that country life can throw at a novice rural homeowner.  Trading the suburbs for the country may be one of the best decisions your family can make.  But the learning curve can be steep. Here are a few “country living" tips.

Get a generator

If your home isn’t tied into city water, you probably have a well pump. That pump runs on electricity, and that means if there’s no power, there’s no running water. That also means no showers, no drinking water, and no more than one flush.

Buy a good generator with enough power to run your crucial systems (water system, refrigerator, sump pump, coffee maker, etc.). Fill it with gas and store it where it’s easily accessible. Don’t forget those really long extension cords. You’ll be enjoying all the modern conveniences while your neighbors scramble to find a flashlight in the dark.

Learn about your septic system

Think of a septic system as your own personal sewer system. That system needs to be cleaned and maintained. So, find a reputable, local septic system service guy, store his number on your cell phone, and call him with any questions immediately.

Expect unwanted guests

Be ready to welcome chipmunks, mice, a squirrel, birds, and frogs into your home. 

Remember, you moved to the country to be close to nature. Embrace your newfound friends and you’ll be much happier. If you do want to have some sort of control over the wildlife invasion, remember to keep the garage door closed, don’t leave food out, and put bungee cords on your garbage cans.

But lets sit down and talk about country living and the life you want for your family and see if it's truly what you want.

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