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Selling my home with social media, good or bad idea

Blog by Jean Richer - Bilingual Salesperson | February 9th, 2017

Is selling your home on Social media worth the time? Let's look at the numbers:

- Facebook has over 1.86 billion active users
- Instagram has 600 million users
- YouTube is the second largest engine
- Twitter has over 500 million tweets per day
- SnapChat has 100 million active daily users with 6 billion videos views per day
- Pinterest has 110 million monthly users

Selling a home is all about the exposure. The more people see it, the higher the chance of selling it. As a professional real estate agent, one of my jobs is to market your property as much as I can so tons of potential buyers see it. Having a strong Social Media presence is key because your home buyer might be hanging out on Social Media. Facebook is probably one of the best places to advertise your home.

What are your thoughts on social media marketing for you home? Let me know what you think.

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