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Who needs professional pictures when selling your home? YOU do!

Blog by Jean Richer - Bilingual Salesperson | March 2nd, 2017

If you are in the process of getting your home ready for the Ottawa Real Estate market, make sure you get great pictures to showcase your beautiful home. Too many times we see beautiful homes with terrible pictures. It still amazes me today that some agents still take their own pictures. I love taking pictures and in my opinion, I am pretty good at it (my wife doesn't think so) but not good enough for my listings. From the first day I started selling homes I have always hired a professional photographer. 

Some surveys suggest that more than 90% of buyers start their search online. When they are searching, they browse from website to website and look at ALL of the pictures. They have the tie to do it and they do! 

I had a client a few years ago that bought a house because I brought them to it. They had seen the pictures online but had removed it from their list because the pictures were very bad. Once they walked in they were very impressed by the home. They thanked me for bringing them to the house. The bad pictures may have cost the sellers an offer or maybe two.

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